Revision History (Pro Version)

Building on the success of Invoice Maker the Pro Version was released at version 1.0.162 including all the fixes and upgrades that have been applied to the non-pro version.

Version 1.0.162

Added separate lines for each invoice item. giving the ability to charge VAT/Tax and (UK CIS )on one line and not others.

Added Auto calculating quantities, Payment Terms, Invoice Notes, Purchase Order/Client Ref, Quotation, Credit Note, Item Numbering, Item Code, UK CIS And Discount functions to the invoices. All of which can be shown or hidden

Version 1.0.163

Added hiding of columns in invoice view to exclude columns that the user doesn't want displayed.

Added Find invoice by number or date functions.

Various security and user validation procedures added.

Version 1.0.169

Expanded Header Layout View so that the WYSIWYG functions more accurately reflect the preview.

Included another fix for error trapping "Report Width Is Larger Than the Paper Width" which should no longer occur under any circumstances. The invoice should automatically swap to landscape.

Added leading zero to invoice numbers on data import from previous versions if one was not present.

Version 1.0.171 

Added comprehensive help file with search function.. I am sure this help file will be added to as things progress.

Added auto size function to the description label on invoices so it can be used for other things like captions under the logo etc.

Version 1.0.175

Fixed "Error when switching identities in module 'PopulateUserData'" - tech info this was ado filter not being removed on save layout. - This error affected only users with more than one company.

Version 1.0176

Added recurring reminders important for recurring invoice items such as subscriptions or monthly fees etc and international time separator support for appointments/reminders.

Version 1.0179

Added Bar charts (graphs) and extra reporting options to the reports section. Resized some items in the invoice layout area to avoid the error  "Report Width Is Larger Than the Paper Width" this error was caused by items on the layout page not being the same size as on the actual invoice. Removed  the hiding of subtotal box on the invoice as this is the line total box and has to be mandatory, replaced this with hiding of item cost box.
Added enhanced help file.

Version 1.0183

Set default value for CIS as zero in  .mbd file added Error trapping for bar graphs.

Version 1.0189

Clears purchase order number text box after saving edited invoices

Version 1.0.190

Changed reference to Microsoft Data Access Components 2.5 (MDAC 2.5) to MDAC 2.8 to solve the infrequent "Run time error Ď-2147286781 (80030103)í: Canít save" when saving invoice layouts. Added code to refresh the layout screen when switching identities.

Version 1.0.192

Fixed saving of CIS font styles where the figures displayed on invoices did not inherit the style from the CIS label.

Work is on-going so if you would like to feed back your experience with InvoiceMaker please email

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