Revision History

Earlier versions of InvoiceMaker had difficulty supporting Currency formats other than the UK Pound and international date formats.

Many copies of InvoiceMaker have been downloaded for use in countries outside of the UK particularly in the USA these worked correctly after version 1.0.89 however they still failed to print the invoice in $.

Version 1.0.90 is now available for down load and contains these fixes.

Full Support for international date formats and currency.
Fixed saving of VAT/GST rate where decimal separator was "," and not "."

Version 1.0.92

Fixed invalid use of Null error when switching identities 
Added more positioning options for address on invoice
Added the ability to set the caption displayed on invoice for VAT/GST


Fixed invalid use of Null error when switching identities - again
Stopped the change of VAT requester popping up when switching identities

Version 1.0.96

Revised the method of sorting invoices in "Find Invoices" view

Version 1.0.100

Added setting the Invoice Caption so as to support multiple languages

Version 1.0.105 

Complete overhaul of invoice layout and captions this version uses drag and drop for almost WYSWIG functionality to position all invoice items. Setting the caption, font and style of every invoice item is now possible making the program fully international so you can change all the label captions that were previously locked. Auto align feature also included.

Version 1.0.107

Minor fix to identity switching with new layout functions

Version 1.0.118

Added support for different logo sizes - the logo can now display at any size.

Version 1.0.121

Fixed Runtime error 3219
operation is not allowed in this context.

If you are still experiencing this problem then 

Goto C:\program files\accounts - or where ever you installed InvoiceMaker Delete the file called layout.set You will have to re-enter your company details but the program should work normally. You will not loose any invoices created

Version 1.0.123

Fixed Runtime error 13 data type miss-match when clicking "Find Invoices" tab . ( Date format compatibility issue when checking for overdue invoices).

Version 1.0.124

Fixed minor date format error when saving expenses

Version 1.0.126

Client notes area added

Version 1.0.129

Following user requests the "Find Invoices" area no longer resets the view when invoices are marked as paid or unpaid.
This keeps the selection criteria making it easier to mark multiple invoices faster.
Added "Find Client" function to Client Area.

**********Critical Error Fix **********

Version 1.0.131

Found the missing "Save New" Button

New users were not able to use the program at all -- This fix effects all downloads since version 1.0.126

Users with earlier versions were not effected.


Version 1.0.138

Changed the Data type of Client Ref in expenses to text to allow users to enter whatever they want.

Added more international currency support.

Amended the export to Excel function for Invoices so that excel displays the leading Zeros in invoice numbers

Version 1.0.139

Upgraded the choosing of fonts in the "Invoice Layout" area. 

Added Font size rounding for displaying invoice to ensure no errors are generated when switching from screen fonts to printer fonts - No errors have been reported so far but this fix ensures they will never happen.

Version 1.0.142

Simplified drag and drop of invoice labels and auto-align feature.

Version 1.0.147

Added comprehensive help file with search function. Some references to the pro version have been included because it was faster to modify the pro version help file than to create a new one for the free version

Version 1.0.149

Fixed "Error when switching identities in module 'PopulateUserData'" - tech info this was ado filter not being removed on save layout. - This error affected only users with more than one company.

Version 1.0.151

Added international time separator support for appointments/reminders.

Version 1.0.152

Added enhanced help file and resized some items in the invoice layout section to prevent error "the report width is greater than the paper width" this was caused by the layout boxes for logo and client address not being the same size as on the actual invoice. This is now fixed.

Version 1.0.153

Added Enhanced export to excel function with row and column auto sizing and auto filter of the invoice number. Locking of column headings and setting of headings to bold.

Version 1.0.155

Changed reference to Microsoft Data Access Components 2.5 (MDAC 2.5) to MDAC 2.8 to solve the infrequent "Run time error Ď-2147286781 (80030103)í: Canít save" when saving invoice layouts. Added code to refresh the layout screen when switching identites. 

Work is on-going so if you would like to feed back your experience with InvoiceMaker please email

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